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Our Herd

Long Meadow Ranch Cattle Company is the proud owner of more than 350 head of outstanding heritage-breed cattle. We have acquired some ot the oldest bloodlines in the country in pursuit of cattle that are efficient, flavorful beef producers on an exclusively grass-fed diet.

We have diligently sought to find bloodlines that predate the large-scale commercial changes in cattle genetics which were made in support of the nation's corn-fed beef industry.

We own the largest herd, or "fold", of Highland cattle in California . We have acquired outstanding Highland bloodlines and our fold is now among the finest folds of Highlands in America. We are building a herd with bloodlines that date to the earliest days in the British Isles where cattle were first developed to produce outstanding beef and milk exclusively on a diet of grass.

We focus on raising outstanding breeding stock and on producing exceptional grass-fed beef. Our goal is produce the finest - and most consistent - gourmet-style beef for fine restaurants and discerning consumers. Highland beef is considered by many to be the best in the world and is raised by the British royal family for its own consumption. In keeping with Long Meadow Ranch's organic practices, our grass-fed beef is "all natural" - meaning it is chemical-free, hormone-free and free of any antibiotics.

Our growing operation is based at Long Meadow Ranch's Tomales Station, our 500-acre farm in Marin County which is home to the mother cow herd.  Our weaned calves and yearlings enjoy lush Carneros grasses on the 157-acre Di Rosa Preserve along Highway 121 in southern Napa County, which we lease and maintain. 

We also have several large-scale pasture leases in Ferndale, California (in Humboldt County) where we can provide some of the finest coastal grass in the United States.

Here we operate a state-of-the-art rotational pasture grazing system in the bottomlands near Humboldt Bay. Knee deep in nutriutous grass our cattle rotate daily to fresh pastures - allowing them to gain weight healthily - and rapidly - while at the same time maintaining grasslands productivity and virtually eliminating problems with parasites.

While our cattle have historically been succesful in the show ring, we are today totally focused on breeding outstanding beef animals. We are striving for a beef carcass that is consistent in its size and in its flavor and tenderness characteristics. We are selecting for cattle that can efficiently graze on open pastures and that will finish cost-effectively in less 24 months. Our cattle are highly muscled, but are also medium-framed with easy moving joints and sound feet - animals that move comfortably and efficiently across grazing lands.

We select our animals for disposition as well as confirmation. The result is that our cattle retain the original distinctive characteristics of heritage breeds. The cows are exceptionally maternal. They even maintain "babysitting" groups where one or two cows will watch over all of the calves while the other cows graze elsewhere. When giving birth, the other cattle will form a circle around the mother-to-be, horns pointed outward, prepared to defend the cow and newborn.

Our Highland herd includes the bloodlines of numerous National Champion Bulls, including DH White Gold, EZ Acres Nathaniel, and Hannegan Jimbo. And, we have the bloodlines from outstanding cows, including  the 2000 Grand and Reserve Champion cows, the 1999 Grand Champion Cow, and the 1999 Champion Cow/Calf Pair.

Our herd also includes the former Highland Spice fold, the 2000 Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at the National Western Stock Show. Herd sires are HS Custom Made and DH Grafton.

Befitting the epicurean nature of the Napa Valley, our cattle are appropriately named. All of the registered cattle bred at Long Meadow Ranch are named with grape varietal names. The bulls are generally named after red grapes and the cows are named after white grapes. For example, our herd has included LMR Cabernet, LMR Blanc de Noir, LMR Gamay Beaujolais, and LMR Chardonnay. Similarly, the Highland Spice fold included animals having spice-related names, names created by former owner Angie Long. For example, the 2000 Grand Champion cow is named Kale of Highland Spice.


Name >Ear # Color Birthdate Dam Sire Comments
HS Custom Made AHS4G Yellow 3/11/1997 HRH Cleopatra-7429- Attilah the Hun Attilah the Hun is 2000 Champion Get-of-Sire
DH Grafton CL3G Red 4/3/1997 Davidson Elizabeth III Oscealo Rambeaux Oscealo Rambeaux is 1999 Champion Get-of-Sire
LMR Cabernet LMR1J Brindle 5/25/1999 Trafalgar
Hannegan Jimbo Fifth in Senior Bull Class at 2002 NWSS. Sire is 1998 Grand Champion Bull
LMR Blanc de Noir LMR18K White 4/12/2000 HRH Elite Lady Attilah the Hun 2002 Champion Junior Bull. Attilah the Hun is 2000 Champion Get-of-Sire
SELECTED COWS (From more than 125 outstanding cows and heifers at LMR)
Name Ear # Color Birthdate Dam Sire Comments
Barra's Red Rose of Wilmorrie WMS1 Dark Red 1/2/1994 Rosemary 1 de Dunlaib Willmorrie's Cube Mtn. Barra Outstanding show record

Trafalgar XS

T91 Brindle 5/17/1991 Mayfield Ursa Minor Shelterwood Storm King

1999 Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair; 2002 Fourth Place Get-of-Dam

Silva's Ms. Honey SH2J Red 1/14/1999 Silva's Holly Hannegan Jimbo

2000 Reserve Grand Champion Female; Sire is 1998 Grand Champion Bull

HS Pequin AHS100E Red 4/12/1995 Andana's Quince 92 HRH Attilah the Hun 1998 Grand Champion Female
Kale of Highland Spice AHS6G Red 3/6/1997 Andana's Lucy 92 HRH Attilah the Hun 2000 Grand Champion Female
Traflagar Jovette T51J Yellow 6/2/1999 Trafalgar Emma EZ Acres Nathaniel Sire is 1998 Grand Champion Bull
LMR Aligote LMR17L Red 3/20/01 HS Chamomile EZ Acres Gifford 2002 Reserve Champion Junior Heifer