Long Meadow Ranch

DH Grafton #31031
DOB: 4/3/97

Sire: Osceola Rambeaux #26491. Dam: Davidson Elizabeth #25156

LMR Herd Sire DH Grafton was the 1998 North American International Livestock Exposition Junior Champion. Bred by top national breeder, Drover Hill Farms, Grafton's sire is Osceola Rambeaux, 1999 Get-of-Sire Champion at the NWSS in Denver. Grafton was one of the top four point scoring bulls in ACHA sanctioned shows in 1998.

Purchased by Long Meadow Ranch at the National AHCA Auction in January, 1999, Grafton has sired an outstanding group of heifers and bull calfs at Long Meadow Ranch. The first heifer calf sired by Grafton (while still a junior bull) is the champion heifer, DH Jubilee, now owned by Zealand Farms (see below).


DH Whisper's Jubilee #33372
DOB: 3/22/99

Sire: DH Grafton. Dam: DH Katherine's Whisper.

Show record during 2000: Grand Champion Female, Beltrami City Fair, Minnesota; Grand Champion Female, Wyoming State Fair; Reserve Grand Champion Female, North Central Show; Grand Champion Female Junior Heifer, North East Show, Syracuse; Grand Champion Female Junior Heifer, Ohio Super Point Show.

lst in Class, Division Champion, 2001 National Western Stock Show

Reserve Grand Champion Female, 2001Wyoming State Fair
Grand Champion Female, 2001 NorthEast Highland Show in Harrisburg, PA.

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