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Our Family

Ted Hall

Ted Hall at LMR Winery

(See Ted's business biography) (See Ted's music biography)

Raised in a small farming community in western Pennsylvania, Ted was an active member of 4-H. He maintained an egg-laying poultry flock, exhibited Hampshire lambs, and learned to ride on his Welsh pony. He maintained his own vegetable garden and learned the fundamentals of organic gardening by working his parents' compost pile.

Ted attended high school in LaPorte, Texas, a small town near Houston, where he met his future wife, Laddie, before going off to college at Princeton.

In 1971, Ted made his first wine in partnership with two of his graduate school classmates at Stanford University. Using carignane and zinfandel grapes purchased from a longtime Italian grower in Gilroy, CA, they handcrafted the wine in a garage in nearby Santa Clara. Intrigued and inspired by the results of this first effort, Ted made wine as an amateur for 17 consecutive vintages. With that long experience revealing firsthand the results of good and bad winemaking practices, several of his wines won awards at amateur winemaking competitions in Napa and Sonoma counties. In 1980, Ted and his winemaking partner, Kim Winget, gained recognition for their winemaking prowess by being featured in the September issue of Sunset Magazine. 

By the late 1980s, while pursuing his business career, Ted began actively looking for a place for his family to establish their own vineyard and winery.

After negotiating unsuccessfully for almost three years for a parcel in the southern Mayacamas Mountains, Ted stumbled onto Long Meadow Ranch through a local realtor. Already familiar with the terrain and the agricultural potential of the surrounding mountains, he immediately made an offer.

Since acquiring the property in 1989, Ted and his family have slowly uncovered the rich history and traditions of Long Meadow Ranch.  

From this begining 25 years ago, Ted is now CEO and president of Long Meadow Ranch & Affiliates, our group of family-owned companies producing ultra-premium wine, extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed beef, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Our businesses now have farming operations in northern California on more than 1500 acres in Napa, Marin, and Humboldt counties.

Laddie Hall

Laddie Hall

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, Laddie spent most of her childhood in the small towns of Pasadena and LaPorte, near Houston, TX. Her only experience with agriculture and animal husbandry was, as she puts it, "I had a goldfish." Today Laddie is a Master Gardener.

Despite this lack of experience, Laddie has assumed a major role in the development of Long Meadow Ranch. A critic of Ted's winemaking for many years, Laddie helped shape the objectives for developing the vineyards and winery. She has proven an able and sensitive hand in raising the livestock on the Ranch. Always the optimist, she has provided the steady support necessary to pursue our ambitious development program.

Working with her sons in the early '90s, Laddie helped develop Long Meadow Ranch’s commercial organic vegetable garden. She carefully selected varieties of herbs and specialty lettuces that are well-suited to the site. She is now working closely with her son, Chris, in producing and marketing the vegetables and flowers produced from the Mayacamas Estate as well as the Rutherford Estate. Laddie can be seen every Friday morning at the St. Helena Farmers Market where she sells Long Meadow Ranch’s eggs, beef, vegetable, and flowers from May through October.

An accomplished horsewoman on the many trails criss-crossing Long Meadow Ranch's Mayacamas Estate, Laddie served as the leader of the Horse Project for the Rutherford 4-H. Currently she is as a member of the Board of Directors and secretary of the St. Helena Farmers Market.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

(See Chris' staff biography)

From the very beginning, Chris has been a driving force in the development of the diversified farming activities at Long Meadow Ranch. With the establishment of his first egg-laying poultry flock in 1991, Chris began selling eggs to neighbors and friends. This venture was quickly augmented with the first production of vegetables from a garden he planted with his brother, Timothy. In the summer of 1991, Chris and Tim made their first appearance at the Napa Valley Farmers' Market in St. Helena, and Chris has been active in the business of the ranch ever since.

As Executive Vice-President - Long Meadow Ranch & Affiliates, Chris leads the sales, marketing and destination activities directed at achieving the family’s mission to produce and purvey world-class wine and food and to create the highest quality wine & food experiences that are richly flavorful, healthy, safe, and enjoyable.

Chris frequently takes to the road representing Long Meadow Ranch at international wine trade shows, food and wine festivals, and winemaker's dinners featuring Long Meadow Ranch products. Chris is also responsible for the wine program at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch's restaurant which features Long Meadow Ranch Winery’s wines as well as other domestic and international wines that complement the featured American farmhouse cooking.

With an entrepreneurial drive and a natural strength in leadership (he became an Eagle Scout like his father), the San Francisco native has worked his way through a variety of roles across the full range of the family businesses, including production manager for LMR Rutherford Gardens (now known as Long Meadow Ranch - Rutherford Estate), on-premise sales manager, national sales manager and general manager.

A second-generation vintner dedicated to producing elegant, food-friendly artisan wines, Chris is a founder and past president of NG: The Next Generation in Wine, a young vintners trade association that counts among its members family winery and vineyard owners in the Napa Valley who are second generation or later.

Chris is a member of the local Rutherford Volunteer Fire Department, having studied geology and fire science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He lives in St. Helena with his wife, Tara.

Timothy Hall

Timothy Hall with prize-winning lambAs the energetic explorer of the meadows and woods, Timmy found many of the artifacts we have discovered on the Ranch. Whether he found an antler from a deer, a 100 year old redwood fence post, or an Indian arrowhead, Timmy helped us discover the special nature of the Ranch. In honor of the Wappo tribe that originally inhabited the area, Timmy even constructed a teepee in the middle of Long Meadow.

A partner with his brother, Chris, in the organic vegetable garden, he specialized in the tomatoes, green beans, and beets. With his trademark cowboy hat, Timmy charmed customers at the St. Helena Farmers Market every Friday morning.

Also a member of the Rutherford 4-H, he raised lambs and poultry. After a difficult start in the early years of showing his sheep, in 1996 one of Timmy's lambs was the Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Lamb at the Napa Town and Country Fair.

An excellent rider, Timmy won many awards at local horse shows. In 1995 he represented Napa County at the California State Fair in the western and trail classes. He qualified for the State Fair by achieving a rare perfect score in the highly competitive trail class while riding his 28 year old Shetland pony, Happy. In 1996, he was again the Napa County trail class champion.

Timmy died suddenly from a brain aneurysm on September 29, 1996. He was thirteen. Always present in our hearts, he remains a central part of our life at Long Meadow Ranch.

* * *

Learn more about the Timothy W. Hall Foundation.