Megan Skupny
National Sales Manager

Born in Atlanta, GA, and a Southern girl at heart, Megan Skupny found a home away from home here in the Napa Valley. Megan attended The University of Georgia and made the leap to move to Arcata, CA for her junior year to attend Humboldt State University.

At first glance, Arcata was quite a culture shock from Atlanta.  However, Northern California and one Reed Skupny worked their way into her heart, making the return journey to Georgia much more difficult that the original trek to California.

After finishing school at UGA with a degree in Sports Business, Megan interned for the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl in Atlanta, hosting two top ten teams, LSU and Miami. When football season ended in 2006, New Zealand was beckoning.  Megan worked and traveled her way through New Zealand for seven months, only to return to the states and find herself moving back to Arcata with her future husband, Reed.

While in Arcata, Megan managed Humboldt Brews and ran the catering at Avalon Restaurant. This second round in Arcata was nearly 2 years, when France came knocking at the door.  Megan and Reed did what anyone would do. They picked up and moved to the Loire Valley for seven months.

Eating and drinking their way through 2008 harvest in Chinon at Domaine Bernard Baudry, Megan and Reed experienced a complete lifestyle change and soaked up everything France had to offer.  Known as les Américains for months, the two decided to get married in the Loire and share what they’d grown to love with their family and friends.

Following the wedding, Megan and Reed moved to St. Helena to see if the wine industry was for her.  Being so close to the city, the options were a career in wine or in sports.  Megan worked for Pennyweight, a specialty gift shop, in downtown St. Helena for nearly six months while trying to make that decision.

Following in the footsteps of the Skupny family, Megan decided to take a position here at Long Meadow Ranch, working alongside Chris in sales and marketing.  Megan currently lives in Napa with her husband and their two pups, Cody and Scout. When she’s not on the road selling LMR wines, you can find Megan hiking the vineyards with her dogs, practicing yoga, playing tennis, or watching UGA football.  Go Dawgs!!

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