Long Meadow Ranch


Chef Bob Hurley

Chef & Owner
Hurley's Restaurant & Bar
Next Generation in Wine
Tasting and Dinner
February 21, 2008

First Course

Long Meadow Ranch Red & Gold Beet Salad
frisee, haricots verts, candied pecans, goat cheese fritter

Main Course

Braised Long Meadow Ranch Short Ribs
wild mushroom & red wine risotto, rainbow chard Spicy Vegetarian

 Moroccan Tagine
eggplant, roasted red peppers & tomatoes on a bed of couscous

Dessert Course

Valrhona Chocolate Almond Torte
brandied cherries, vanilla creme fraiche

Accompanied by a full selection of current release wines and barrel lots
from the members of
Next Generation in Wine

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