Long Meadow Ranch

Pepper Vinegar

LMR Pepper Vinegar

"Back home in Arkansas we always had a pepper vinegar on hand as a table condiment for beans, fried chicken and pork chops. These days I also like to use it where a recipe calls for Tabasco, or another hot pepper sauce. I prefer my version, because it adds good acidity without too much heat that can destroy the balance of a nice simple dish. For example, I use it to finish classic my LMR grass-fed chili with Rancho Gordo Pinquito beans." - Sheamus


1 quart distilled white vinegar
1 tbsp kosher salt
6-7 Serrano Chiles, pricked with a fork or knife


Heat Vinegar and salt in a sauce pot until salt is dissolved.  Pour over chilies and let cool to room temperature.

Place in a glass bottle, or jar with a lid and keep refrigerated.  It should keep for at least one month.

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