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Soups & Stews

Ted's Tuscan Beans

Ted's Tuscan Beans

"These beans are one of my favorites. I love to prepare the beans in our wood-fired oven, but you can make them over a campfire or in a conventional oven with equally great results. Remember to drizzle some extra olive oil on each serving and garnish with parsley or a fresh garden vegetable." - Ted

Curried Carrot Soup with Mussels

Ted' sister, Barabara, shared this recipe.  We like it because it uses our garden fresh carrots, basil, and local Northern California mussels.  She said, "I struggle to come up with healthy single serving dishes when I am cooking alone, but this time I think I was successful. I made a soup as I usually would, but I added mussels as a treat. This is definitely a keeper of a recipe.  It goes great with LMR Sauvignon Blanc."  Check out Barb's blog, Feast Everyday, for more delicious ideas.

LMR Grass-fed Beef Stew with Root Vegetables

Beef Stew with Red Wine and Root Vegetables

This dish is all about comfort. I love the warm, sweet and salty flavors of this stew. The recipe reminds me of the stews my mother made for me back home." - Sheamus

LMR Grass-fed Beef braised with Orange, Fennel and Olives

Beef Braised with Orange and Fennel

"This is a great standby recipe I like to make for my family when the spring nights are still a little cool and we need something a little comforting.  It is based on the Provencal Daube, with an addition of olives and a little more tomato than usual.  If I were serving this for guests, the only thing needed would be a bottle of Long Meadow Ranch Sangiovese." - Sheamus

Ghoulash with Sweet Dumpling Squash

"I couldn’t resist to write a “ghoul”ash recipe this Halloween. Perfect to prepare in advance and serve to a hungry family before, and after the festivities. This sweet –sour combination is tough to beat on a chilly autumn night. Enjoy!" - Sheamus


This is a good, simple chili that I find easy to prepare and has a nice depth of flavor. The corn masa thickens the chili and adds a deep savory flavor. A lot of the times chili is too sweet from tomato and is missing acidity. I like to finish this chili with a little pepper vinegar to give it a little zip. Enjoy!" - Sheamus