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 Green Globe Artichokes  Green Globe Plant produces tender and flavorful green artichokes. Large and tasty heads of green buds have made Green Globe the most popular variety of artichoke.
 Genovese Sweet Basil  Genovese Sweet Basil  Classic Italian basil. Perfect for making pesto with
Long Meadow Ranch Napa Valley Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
 Purple Dark Opal Basil  Purple Dark Opal Basil Most likely the same basil Vilmorin referred to in 1885 as "Large Purple Sweet Basil." Beautiful lilac flowers with dark red stems. Excellent contrast with green basil, spectacular as a garnish, in salads, or for adding to basil vinegars. Extremely uniform, all purple Italian strain.
 Golden Beet  Golden Beet Introduced to gardeners before 1828. Dual purpose beet for roots and greens. Roots are globe-shaped and orange, turning golden yellow when cooked. Tender and mild even when large. Great for salads since the sliced roots do not bleed. Sweet, flavorful leaves.
 Chioggia Beet  Chioggia Beet An Italian favorite also known as the Bull's Eye Beet, Chioggia is sweet when cooked. Its rosy-pink skin hides white flesh with bright pink rings. Tops are medium height with green stems and red shading. Makes impressive garnish when grated.
 Bulls Blood Beet  Bull's Blood Beet Grown primarily for its tender and sweet, stunning dark red leaves. Also produces a tasty beet when harvested young.
 Haricot Vert  Haricot Vert "Maxibel" Long, pencil-thin stringless beans with exquisite, delicate flavor.  For fresh eating, pick when pods are at peak color.
 cardoon  Cardoon Cultivated for centuries, cardoon is a close relative of the Globe Artichoke with spinier leaves and a non-edible lavender flower head. The stalks and roots are tender and delicious when cooked. Used in stews and soups. A great cut and dried flower. Special request by Chef Barbara of Napa Valley Cooking School.
 Rhubarb Chard  Rhubarb Chard Abundant, deep-green leaves accented with brilliant red venation and stalks. Red color deepens with frost. An improved selection with wider petioles. Beautiful in bunches. Prefers cool weather.
 Golden Chard  Golden Chard Luminescent, bright golden leaf petioles are as striking in the garden as they are on your plate. One of the most heat-tolerant greens, chard is a summer staple for salads and braising, but also withstands light frosts. Semi-savoyed leaves range from light to dark green.
 Sweet Marketmore Cucumbers  Sweet Marketmore Remarkable Chinese variety produces quantities of long, curvaceous fruits. Spiny skin protects the delicious, non-bitter flesh. Always one of the favorites in our taste tests. Almost seedless, the fruits are burpless, crisp, and tender.
 Listada De Gandia Egg Plant  Listada De Gandia Beautiful striped Italian eggplant. Reliable, heavy yields of excellent quality 6-8" thin skinned fruits.
Udumalapet egg plant  Udumalapet Another beautiful and edible striped eggplant. Heavy yields of teardrop-shaped fruits are green with vibrant lavender stripes and striking green calyxes. Best eaten small, when fruits are about 3" long.
 Imperial Black Beauty Egg Plant  Imperial Black Beauty Introduced around 1910, this popular variety yields 5-7" fruits per plant. 1-3 pound purplish-black, glossy fruits have great flavor and hold up well after being picked. Rounded oval fruits are smooth to slightly pleated. Harvest fruit at their peak of size and color.
 Red Ursa Kale  Red Ursa This cross between Red Russian and True Siberian Kale is the most bolt resistant and heat tolerant of all the varieties of kale we have grown. Similar to Red Russian but the leaves are more rounded and curved at the ends.
 Red Russian Kale  Red Russian A favorite because of its excellent flavor and attractive green-red frilly leaves. Tender, sweet leaves are highly nutritious. Tasty steamed, stir-fried or in salads. Cold hardy, it can be picked continually until early winter.
 Canoe  Mellon  Canoe Creek Large, deeply ribbed, football-shaped fruits can top 20 pounds if kept well watered. Typical fruits range between 8-15 pounds. Great flavor, should be picked when they just begin to slip. Big melon.
 Queen Anne  Queen Anne's Beautiful, ornamental fruit are yellow with deep orange stripes, and only 2"-3" long! They are grown for their wonderful fragrance! Mild flavors.
 Haogen melons  Haogen Translates in Hebrew as "the anchor." This melon is very popular and often associated with Israel, however it originated in Hungary. Round 2-4 pound fruit has yellow-orange rind and slight ribs that are green and very attractive. Superbly sweet, spicy green flesh
 Prescott Fond Blanc  Prescott Fond Blanc Unique French melon documented before 1850. Fruits weigh 4-9 pounds and have beautifully warted skin and dense, sweet flesh. The fragrance when fully ripe is incredible. Will not slip when ripe, like all rock melons. Incredibly beautiful.
 Tigger melons  Tigger The fruits are vibrant yellow with fire engine red zigzag stripes. The fragrance is powerful, similar to Queen Anne's, but Tigger weighs about 1 pound and the white flesh is semi-sweet. Originated in Armenia.
 hearts of gold melons  Hearts Of Gold Developed by Roland Morrill, introduced about 1895, and granted a trademark on December 15, 1914. In the 1930s, Hearts of Gold was the most popular variety grown for market in the entire Midwest. Fruits weigh between 2-3 pounds and have firm, juicy, highly flavored, aromatic, high quality flesh.
 Charantais melon  Charantais Considered by many to be the most divine and flavorful melons in the world. Smooth round melons mature to a creamy grayish-yellow with green stripes. Sweet, juicy, salmon flesh. Typically the size of a grapefruit and weighs about 2 pounds, perfect for two people. Ripe melons have a heavy fragrance.
 Mustard habanero pepper  Mustard Habanero This unique colored habanero showed up as an off-type in a garden in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Productive 32" plants, not for the timid! 95-100 days from transplant.
Heat Scale: Sweet ..0-1-2-3-4-5.. Hot.
 Photo Not Available for Orange Bell Pepper  Orange Bell This is the best tasting orange bell we have grown. Blocky 4 by 3½" fruits are 3-4 lobed, extremely thick-fleshed with excellent sweet flavor, and heavy yields. Almost entirely four-lobed fruits. Original seed source was SSE member Alex Heklar in 1989.
Heat Scale: Sweet...0-1-2-3-4-5...Hot.
 Beaver Dam Peppers  Beaver Dam Hungarian heirloom brought to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1929 by the Joe Hussli family. Florence Hussli recommends adding sliced raw rings to a cheese and bologna sandwich or using for stuffed peppers. Crunchy fruits are mildly hot when seeded. Excellent flavor, ripens from lime-green to red. Great for making fresh batches of salsa.
Heat Scale: Sweet...0-1-2-3-4-5...Hot.
 Garden Sunshine Peppers  Garden Sunshine Extremely productive sweet pepper. Fruits hold for weeks on the short 12-16" plants while they are creamy-yellow, before turning to orange and then red. Great extended harvest period. Best used when either yellow or orange.
Heat Scale: Sweet...0-1-2-3-4-5...Hot.
 Cal Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper

 Cal Wonder Sweet Bell

The archetypical bell pepper, tender, sweet and juicy, without a trace of pungency. Smooth and glossy, dark green, it ripens to a bright crimson. Large, blocky, 3-4 lobed fruit has thick (up to 3/8 inch) walls. Introduced in 1928. Vigorous, upright plant provides good cover.
 Alma Paprika Pepper  Alma Paprika The best for drying and grinding for paprika, or for fresh eating. Extremely productive plants are loaded with round, very thick walled peppers. Slightly warm and very sweet. The beautiful fruits ripen from cream-white to orange to red.
Heat Scale: Sweet... 0-1-2-3-4-5...Hot.
 Photo Not Available of Belleisle Potato  Belleisle Considered one of the finest cultivars from Canada. Developed on Prince Edward Island. Firm white skin and flesh. Baked, scalloped or mashed with gravy it's a gem.
 Viking Purple Potato  Viking Purple Another unique variety, has all the characteristics of its parent Viking Red, but it has a true purple skin with bright pink-red splashes...candy-stripe look. The flesh is perhaps its most remarkable attribute as it has snow white uniform flesh with a very smooth texture. Drought resistant and a high yielder.
 Yellow Finn Potato  Yellow Finn In Finnish "Niku Lapua". This is the classic European yellow-fleshed gourmet potato. Yello Finn's buttery sweet flavor distinguishes it from any other potato. Very popular. Flat, round, sometimes pear-shaped tubers. Moist, mashable texture and an excellent keeper. One of our favorites.
 Desiree Potato  Desiree The most popular "red" potato in Europe. Round to oblong tubers, satin-like pinkish/red skin and gourmet quality creamy-yellow flesh. Prolific yields of excellent all-around cooking potatoes. Very resistant to common diseases. An easy and very reliable gourmet potato to grow.
 Purple Peruvian Potato  Purple Peruvian Purple through and through, medium to large tubers with many eyes. A true Peruvian variety that produces well in this northern hemisphere. A great conversation piece and a sure fired restaurant potato. Mealiest of the fingerlings, delicious when fried.
 Austrian Crescent Potato  Austrian Crescent Yellowish-tan smooth skin and light yellow flesh. Prolific yields of fingerlings to 10" weighing 3-7 ounces. Aside from excellent salad qualities, they are delicious simply boiled or steamed. Very popular.
 French Fingerling Potatos  French Fingerling A gourmet quality fingerling with satin purple-pink skin and yellow flesh with an interior ring of pink when cut across. Produces good-quality, medium sized tubers which are a great addition to any plate. It is said that this fingerling arrived in this country in a horse's feedbag.
 Caribe Potato  Caribe An increasingly popular bluish-purple skinned potato with snow-white flesh that boils, steams and makes the lightest and fluffiest mashed potatoes one can only imagine. Excellent as a new potato.
 Spinach  Bloomsdale Introduced in 1925, this classic, savoy-leafed spinach has tasty, thick, dark- green leaves. Grows well in spring or fall and can overwinter if protected with mulch. Dependable and cold hardy. Harvest leaves or the whole plant before it goes to seed.
 Sequoia Strawberry  Sequoia Spring bearer. Earliest California variety and the sweetest. Exceptional taste, productivity & pest resistance, the most popular variety with home gardeners.
 Fern Strawberry Photo not available  Fern Everbearer. Small to medium-sized, wedge-shaped, very sweet berries. Good for freezing and fresh. Late season harvest. Good for home gardens as has fruit in different stages of development. Heavy yields.
 Seascape Strawberry  Seascape Day neutral ever bearer. High quality, very sweet berries, producing round and even shaped fruit. Fruits well in spring and is one of the most reliable producers in the fall.
 Mavel Striped Potato  Marvel Striped 10-16 oz. fruits. Another great tomato from the Zapotec people. Sweet and juicy with few seeds. Indeterminate.
 Caro Rich Tomato  Caro Rich 4-6 oz. fruit. Orange 3 in. fruits are the highest in vitamin A of any we produce. A low-acid variety with delicious, sweet flavor. Indeterminate vines need no trellising and produce well in cooler climates.
 Tiger Tom Tomato  Tiger Tom Beautiful striped cherry from the Ben Quisenberry collection. Heavy yields of round 2-3" fruits with distinctive jagged golden stripes and delightful tart flavor.
 Arkansas Traveler Tomato  Arkansas Traveler 5-7 oz. fruits. Incredibly delicious, this classic pink heirloom has traveled widely because of its solid dependability and distinct flavor. Tolerates high heat and humidity and is resistant to cracking and disease. 5-6 ft. vines.
 Pink Brandywine Tomato  Pink Brandywine Brandywine first appeared in the 1889 catalog of Johnson & Stokes of Philadelphia and by 1902 was also offered by four additional seed companies, but soon disappeared from all commercial catalogs. The seed of this strain was obtained by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens in 1980 from Dorris Sudduth Hill whose family grew them for 80 years. Large pink beefsteak fruits to 2 pounds. Incredibly rich, delightfully intense tomato flavor.
 Oaxacan Pink Tomato  Oaxacan Pink These flattened pink fruits were selected in 1986 from a single fruit from Oaxaca, Mexico.
 Black From Tula Tomato  Black From Tula Russian heirloom described by an SSE member as "the ugliest, most delicious tomato I've ever grown." Rich full flavor, great for slicing. Good yields, 3-4", slightly flattened on 3-4' plants.
 Black Krim Tomato  Black Krim Russian tomato named for the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea. Slightly flattened 4-5" globes with dark greenish-black shoulders, can turn almost black with enough heat and sun. Excellent full flavor.
 Hillbilly Potato Leaf  Hillbilly Potato Leaf Absolutely gorgeous slicing tomato. Sweet juicy 4-6" flattened fruits about 1 pound each. Beautiful yellow fruits are streaked with red on the blossom end. Heavy producer. Introduced to SSE in 1994 by SSE member Jerry Lee Bosner of Ohio.
 Green Zebra Tomato  Green Zebra Green 1½ - 2½" fruits with various shades of yellow to yellowish-green stripes, sweet zingy flavor. Very productive plants, sure to be a best seller at farmers markets' and valuable in the restaurant trade. Introduced in 1985 by Tom Wagner of Tater Mater Seeds.
 Green Grape Tomato  Green Grape A new favorite! Unique grape-like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes on extremely productive, bushy plants. Hard to stop eating, addictive, spicy, full-flavored, sweet 1" fruits.
 Jaune Flamme Tomato  Jaune Flamme Beautiful apricot-shaped heirloom from France. Great for drying, retains deep orange color. Excellent bitey flavor. Very productive, fruits borne in clusters and weigh 2-3 ounces, about the size of a large apricot.
 Kellog Breakfast Tomato  Kelloggs Breakfast Obtained from Darrell Kellogg of Redford, Michigan. Large beefsteak-type fruits are 1-2 pounds, juicy and meaty and truly orange in color. Delicious rich flavor, and a good producer at Heritage Farm.
 Nyagous Tomato  Nyagous Great black tomato that is blemish-free! Baseball-sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits, very productive. Excellent full flavor, one of our all-time favorites. Great for markets. Introduced through SSE by Glenn Drowns in 1997.
   Red Zebra Gorgeous 2½" fruits are fire-engine red overlaid with golden yellow stripes. Top quality, extremely uniform strain, very productive. Great sweet flavor. Sure to be a best seller at farmers'markets.
   Black Zebra 1.5" round fruit with brown skin and black stripes was created by Copia garden curator, Jeff Dawson. Rich tomato flavor with hints of smoke and sweetness. One of our favorites for looks and taste. Late season
   Copia Created by Jeff Dawson to honor the garden where he is curator at Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts.
 Melitopolski Watermelon  Melitopolski Round 10-12" fruits with sweet red flesh and alternating light and dark green stripes. Early ripening variety from Volga River region of Russia, an area that has long been famous for melons. Piled high by Moscow street vendors each summer. Reddish brown seeds.
 Moon and Stars yellow watermelon  Moon & Stars Yellow Foliage and fruits are spotted with yellow, just like original Moon and Stars, but have yellow flesh and white seeds. Fruits are 18-24" long and weigh 20-25 pounds.



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