Long Meadow Ranch

Prato Lungo Ultra-Premium
Extra-Virgin Napa Valley Olive Oil Introduced

October 1998, Napa Valley, CA

Long Meadow Ranch Winery, St. Helena, California is now introducing the 1997 vintage Prato Lungo, its ultra-premium, extra-virgin, estate grown, produced and bottled olive oil. Meaning "long meadow" in Italian, Prato Lungo is the result of the first commercial harvest in memory from the property’s 120 year-old olive grove high on the Mayacamas mountainside in Napa Valley. The olive trees, believed to have been shipped around Cape Horn from Provence as cuttings in the 1870’s, are probably related to the French Picholine variety. With an acidity of .054 percent, a nearly unheard-of twenty times below the standard for extra-virgin olive oil, the hand-crafted oil presents a fresh, tropical fruit in the nose, with a touch of pepper on the finish. The resulting total lack of greasiness and fresh clean flavors make the oil a perfect complement to bread or as a condiment or finishing oil for fresh vegetables.

Prato Lungo is produced in Napa Valley’s only combined bonded winery and frantoio structure. Consistent with the Ranch’s self-sustaining philosophy, the towering rammed earth building, one of North America’s largest, was built with earth from the winery cave excavation. The structure consists of two wings radiating from a central core, one being devoted to wine and the other to olive oil. The world-class Pieralisi installation features a traditional stone olive crusher and the latest two-phase horizontal decanting system. With the crusher onsite near the olive groves, Long Meadow Ranch Winery has the ability to process small lots of olives within two hours of picking and, by employing the world’s best methods for low temperature processing, low acid levels and the highest quality product are ensured. Under the guidance of olive oil master, Mike McDaniel, with a palate trained in the intricacies of coffee roasting and blending as well as wine-making, Prato Lungo has a long and healthy future in the culinary reputation of the Napa Valley.

Only one of the many products of the roughly 600-acre Long Meadow Ranch, Prato Lungo represents the first commercial product release by owners, Ted and Laddie Hall. The property, known as Long Meadow Ranch since the turn of the century, was an original "patent grant" ranch signed over by President Ulysses S. Grant to E.J. Church in 1872. Having been home to a variety of uses during its long history, Long Meadow Ranch continues to grow and prosper through the Halls’ careful restoration of the olive groves, new vineyard planting, wine and oil making, Appaloosa horse breeding, organic vegetable gardening and egg producing. "At Long Meadow Ranch, we set out to prove that we could produce world class products using simple sustainable farming methods," says Ted Hall. "We have developed an integrated farming system that relies on each part of the Ranch contributing to the health of the whole - we make our own fertilizers on the Ranch through an extensive composting operation that relies on each segment of the Ranch. Soil erosion is controlled and new soils are built through the use of permanent cover crops of indigenous grasses, clovers and legumes." Long Meadow Ranch does not use herbicides or pesticides and its products are organically grown and produced in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

Prato Lungo is available in a limited supply for $45 per 500 ml. bottle from Long Meadow Ranch Winery through the website at www.longmeadowranch.com or by calling 877-NAPA-OIL (627-2645.)

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