Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch Winery Releases 2007 Vintage
Prato Lungo and Napa Valley Select

Introduces One-Gallon Version of Napa Valley Select

August 15, 2007, Rutherford, CA

Long Meadow Ranch Prato Lungo and Napa Valley Select Extra Virgin Olive OilsThe 2007-vintage Prato Lungo ultra premium, extra virgin, estate grown, produced and bottled olive oil has been released by Long Meadow Ranch Winery. With an acidity of .07 percent, over 14 times below the 1.0-percent-or-less standard required for the extra-virgin designation, the handcrafted oil presents a fresh nose with green grass, wheat, green apple, and a touch of citrus. The entry into the mouth is silky smooth with fresh clean flavors and a peppery aftertaste that reinforce the oil's role as the perfect condiment or finishing oil for fresh vegetables.

Long Meadow Ranch’s restored 120 year-old historic orchards provide the fruit for the Prato Lungo, which translates to “long meadow” in Italian. Long acclaimed by noted international olive-oil authority, Anne Dolamore, as “ California’s Best Olive Oil” in her book A Buyer’s Guide to Olive Oil, Prato Lungo is one of just six oils in the world to earn Dolamore’s “Top Recommendation.”

World-renown authority Judy Ridgway has awarded Prato Lungo “Four Stars” in her book, Best Olive Oil Buys Round the World.

Many of the best chefs in the country are discovering Prato Lungo and are using it in their own kitchens. Its fresh, high-tone flavor and bit of heat makes a perfect finish to add a final note of complexity or richness.

Long Meadow Ranch has been working for over 14 years on the restoration of the historic Prato Lungo orchards that were discovered hidden in the dense second growth forest on the Ranch’s hillsides. In conjunction with American and Spanish experts, the Halls have tried to identify the origin of the trees that are believed to have come to California as cuttings aboard ships via Cape Horn. Although the olives are clearly oil-producing cultivars, even DNA testing has not yet revealed their specific origin.

Long Meadow Ranch also crafts Napa Valley Select extra virgin olive oil as an everyday companion to the Prato Lungo. Made of a blend of oils from newer plantings at Long Meadow Ranch and also olives raised by organic-farming neighbors (prominently including Spottswoode and Frog's Leap), Napa Valley Select is perfect for leafy salad greens, with bread, or with basil in a fresh pesto. The Manzanillo olives included in the blend provide a pungent, yet rustic, taste that goes well with greens and adds a rustic feel that is perfect with many Tuscan recipes. The Napa Valley Select not only has great flavors, but with an acidity of just .14 percent it, also achieves a technical standard that exceeds many of the best oils from Tuscany and Umbria.

In an effort to keep up with the popularity of Napa Valley Select, both consumer fans and chefs are now able to purchase the product in one-gallon metal containers that further protect the oil from light and reduce heat absorption, both negative factors on oil storage.

The 2007-vintage Long Meadow Ranch olive oils were picked in November and December of 2006. The world-class Pieralisi olive oil equipment at Long Meadow Ranch features a traditional eight-ton Italian granite olive crusher and the latest two-phase horizontal decanting system.

“One of the keys to making extraordinary olive oil is the capability of pressing olives within a few hours of picking. We preserve the freshness of the fruit by processing immediately with our state-of-the-art Pieralisi equipment right here on the Ranch,” said owner Ted Hall. Long Meadow Ranch does not use herbicides or pesticides and its products are organically grown. Napa Valley Select and Prato Lungo are certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Prato Lungo is available in a limited supply for $45 per 500-ml. bottle. The Napa Valley Select is available for $20 per 375-ml. bottle and $120 per one-gallon can.

The oils are available through the website at www.longmeadowranch.com or by calling toll-free 877-NAPA-OIL (877-627-2645). The oils may also be purchased seasonally at the St. Helena Farmer’s Market (Friday mornings at Crane Park in St. Helena) and at Long Meadow Ranch’s Rutherford Gardens, located at 1796 South St. Helena Highway, Rutherford, CA, every Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm through November.

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Prato Lungo and Napa Valley Select samples and images are available by request.

Long Meadow Ranch has been known as such since 1872 when it was established as an original "patent grant" ranch signed over by President Ulysses S. Grant. Having been home to a variety of uses during its long history, Long Meadow Ranch continues to grow and prosper through Ted, Laddie and Christopher Hall's stewardship.

The Halls continue to restore and preserve Napa Valley's oldest olive groves, as well as add new plantings of olive trees and vineyards. They have also brought cattle, poultry, and vegetables back into commercial production. Appaloosa horse breeding, along with an extensive composting operation, round out the integrated farming activities at the Ranch.

"Excellence through Responsible Farming" is the motto of Long Meadow Ranch, bolstered by the belief that world-class products can be produced using sustainable, organic farming methods. Long Meadow Ranch does not use herbicides or pesticides and its products are organically grown and certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers


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