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Long Meadow Ranch to Create 'Farmstead'

New St. Helena Destination Featuring
Wine, Food, Gardens, and Organic Nursery

March 4, 2009, St. Helena, CA

Long Meadow Ranch announced today that it has received approval from the St. Helena Planning Commission to create a unique destination for both local residents and visitors. Poised at the southern entrance to St. Helena, the informal “capital” of the Napa Valley, the project will be known as Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead and will include a wine and olive oil tasting room and a new restaurant featuring distinctive farm-to-table dining, plus demonstration gardens, a full organic nursery, and a seasonal outdoor farmer's marketplace.

Kevin Twohey, the owner of Whiting Nursery which currently occupies the property, is partnering with Ted, Laddie, and Chris Hall, proprietors of Long Meadow Ranch, to transform the property into a multi-use wine, food, farm & community garden resource while retaining the historic “farmstead” character of the property.

The 3-acre project is located at 738 Main Street at the southern entrance to the city of St. Helena at the intersection of Charter Oak and Main Street (Highway 29). This historic and unique location has a long agricultural heritage dating from the 1870s and will be maintained using the traditional, sustainable and organic practices employed by Long Meadow Ranch and certified by California Certified Organic Farmers.

The historic Logan/Ives Residence on the property will be faithfully restored to its classic Gothic farmhouse architecture. Following restoration, the residence will serve as the Long Meadow Ranch Winery tasting room and administrative offices. The grounds will feature demonstration vineyards and educational gardens showcasing heirloom fruits, vegetables, and other heritage crops also found at LMR Rutherford Gardens.

“Yesterday’s planning commission approval is the first step to moving forward on this exciting new way to serve our community,” said Kevin Twohey. “We still need to receive various approvals from the city council and Napa County before we can proceed. But, subject to those steps, we are hoping to have the project open to the public before Thanksgiving.” he added.

The existing nursery retail barn will be converted into a new farm-to-table restaurant featuring moderately-priced entrees, an exceptional children’s menu, and an international wine list of sustainable producers. The farm-to-table concept will focus on Long Meadow Ranch and LMR Rutherford Gardens products as well as locally grown, organic foods and wines from carefully selected producers.

“This location is a wonderful way to more directly share Long Meadow Ranch with a broader public,” said Ted Hall. “Remarkably, the two properties are historically linked. Long Meadow Ranch was originally acquired via a patent grant to E. J. Church, which was signed by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. At about the same time, James Logan came to St. Helena at the direction of Grant to return Civil War casualties to California. He became the local mortician and used his cabinet-making skills to build this house and operate a small farm. We love the idea of “country” and “city” locations. Hence, we are calling it ‘the farmstead’,” Hall added.

Modeled after LMR Rutherford Gardens, a covered, open-air market will offer the highest quality, organically grown, farm-direct products. The market will compliment Long Meadow Ranch’s long tradition of serving local residents at the St. Helena Farmers’ Market where its organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, grass-fed beef, and olive oils have been offered for 18 consecutive seasons.

“Our guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the specific methods that make up our sustainable, organic farming practices. We’ll offer educational seminars in the demonstration vineyard and gardens. But, with the tasting room and restaurant, our guests will also have the opportunity to connect our practices through the extraordinary flavor they bring to the table,” said Laddie Hall. “And, you will even be able to take the veggies and beef home - or buy the plants and seeds to grow your own!"

Whiting Nursery, which has served the community since 1957, will remodel the south eastern barn on the property and continue nursery operations. The longstanding business will provide organic nursery and farm supply products, including organic livestock feed and equipment. The nursery will feature organically grown specialty vegetables, plants, and trees locally supplied by LMR Rutherford Gardens in addition to other selected suppliers. Educational programs will continue to be offered regularly through the nursery.

The entire property will be responsibly managed and maintained employing the organic and sustainable methods developed and practiced by Long Meadow Ranch for almost 20 years. Landscaping will use drought resistant plants and drip irrigation, while the kitchen will feature the latest approaches to energy and water efficiency. Among other practices, organic fabrics, recycled paper products, and organic cleaning products will be used and Long Meadow Ranch’s bio-diesel-powered and electric trucks will be employed as service vehicles.

“We hope by bringing together our fresh, local and sustainable food and wines with the Whiting Nursery in an easily accessible location with ample parking that we will make this a ‘must’ stop for our community, visitors, friends, and family,” concluded Ted Hall.


Long Meadow Ranch has been known as such since 1872 when it was established as an original "patent grant" ranch signed over by President Ulysses S. Grant. Owned by Ted, Laddie & Christopher Hall, Long Meadow Ranch employs an integrated organic farming system using sustainable methods.

Each part of the Ranch contributes to the health of the whole. Vineyards and wine making, olive orchards and olive oil making, cattle and horse breeding all work together in complementary fashion, as do the egg-laying poultry flock and the organic vegetable gardens.

"Excellence through Responsible Farming" is the motto of Long Meadow Ranch, bolstered by the belief that world-class products can be produced using sustainable, organic farming methods. All crops are certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers and are grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

Contact: Chris Hall
vox 707.963.4555 x151
email chris@longmeadowranch.com

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