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Long Meadow Ranch Winery Announces Wine Keg Program

Premier Napa Valley Vintner Advances Wines-on-Tap Movement with 2010 Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc on Tap at
Dining, Beer and Wine Establishments in California and Arizona

April 26, 2011, St. Helena, California

Long Meadow Ranch (LMR) proprietors Ted, Laddie, and Chris Hall are pleased to announce a new wine keg delivery format and distribution deals for their 2010 Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc. Packaged in stainless steel kegs and poured using a traditional tap system, the 2010 Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc is offered to guests on tap at the family vintner’s Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead in St. Helena; the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in San Francisco; Residual Sugar Wine Bar in Walnut Creek, Calif.; and Hub Restaurant & Creamery in Tucson, Ariz.

“Our family is committed to creating world-class wines by practicing sustainable, organic farming methods,” said Hall. “By implementing this new technology we are able to reduce waste and use re-usable packaging further illustrating our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, offering our wines via this unique tap system allows us to preserve our wines, keeping each glass poured perfectly fresh and at peak quality.”

Ideal for restaurants, brew pubs, wine bars and any establishment that serves wine by the glass, wine on tap delivers significant environmental benefits for both the provider and the consumer. Not only do wine kegs control the quality of the wine, they deliver the freshest wine with each glass pour. Furthermore, the benefits of the wine keg include:

  • Freshness / Quality: Serving wine from a stainless steel, air-tight keg preserves the wine’s freshness, leaving little room for oxidation and no cork taint;
  • Green: Made of stainless steel, the keg containers are 100 percent re-usable, virtually eliminating all package waste, glass, cardboard, corks and labels;
  • Efficiency / Waste: When pouring from a bottle, a good deal of wine ends up being disposed of or served in varied compromised conditions due to its contact with oxygen. Pouring from a keg allows for minimized waste and spillage. Additionally, rather than having to open bottles manually, drawing from a tap increases efficiency;
  • Inventory / Storage: Wine bottles and cases can take up valuable space, and with little space, storage can be difficult. Wine kegs hold an average 5.16 gallons, the equivalent of 26 bottles, allowing for more space and inventory.

Jim Telford was one of Long Meadow Ranch Winery’s first customers to offer the 2010 Long Meadow Ranch Winery Sauvignon Blanc on tap at his Walnut Creek wine bar, Residual Sugar. “We love offering wines on tap because it allows us to pour a very nice glass of wine for $7 to $9,” said Telford. “Making the switch from bottle to wine keg is a logical next step especially for restaurants and wine bars in the wine industry.”

The 2010 Long Meadow Ranch Sauvignon Blanc features fruit from Long Meadow Ranch’s San Mateo Vineyard, one of the finest sites in the Napa Valley for sourcing fruit for white wines. The nose exudes layers of fruit, floral aromas, and a hint of verbena. Stone fruits, grapefruit and tropical notes enhance the often present green melon, cut grass and honeysuckle. The structure and softness on the palate promotes the expansion of the fresh flavors and aromas. The vintage finishes with a mouth-watering crispness and, as a result, pairs beautifully with a wide range of vibrant dishes, including crab cakes, grilled salmon, oysters and bruschetta.
A world-class wine destination, Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead features an array of engaging experiences for lovers of local food and wines, including wine and estate olive oil tastings, paired lunch offerings, distinctive full-circle farming tours, mountain ranch excursions, private events, seasonal picnics and more.

Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead is located at 738 Main Street in St. Helena. The historic Logan-Ives House at Long Meadow Ranch Winery is open from 11 AM  to 6 PM daily. Farmstead restaurant is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM For more information, please visit

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About Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead
Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead is a sustainable food, wine and agricultural center located in St. Helena, the heart of the Napa Valley. A local gathering place and Napa Valley destination, the multi-use location is anchored by the historic Logan-Ives House at Long Meadow Ranch Winery, as well as Farmstead restaurant, wine flavor and vegetable gardens, a seasonal farm stand, a floral design shop, and a variety of unique event spaces.

This exciting destination offers an array of experiences for lovers of local food and wines, including distinctive full-circle farming tours, wine and estate olive oil tastings, and paired lunch offerings; fresh farm-to-table dining; private ranch excursions; customized event venues and services; and engaging educational experiences that underscore Long Meadow Ranch’s time-honored motto of “Excellence through Responsible Farming.”

Bolstered by the belief and dedicated practices that world-class products can be produced using sustainable, organic farming methods, Long Meadow Ranch does not use herbicides or pesticides, and its products are organically grown and certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers.


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