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Ted Hall
May 26, 2009 | Swine | Ted Hall

Is She or Isn't She?


Peeking Red Wattle Pig at Long Meadow Ranch by Barbara Hall BlumerYou may recall the saga of Adam and Eve our "mating challenged" Red Wattle pigs.   Eve was inseminated on May 2nd and 3rd by Laura White and "Doc" Pam Coy and the waiting game began.

Here is what Laura had to say:

"I checked to see if Eve came into a stronger heat in the next couple days following her insemination. Her vulva had reduced in size and color, indicating she was just coming out of heat. I am assuming we got her just in time, since she was in a lighter heat. I will be checking her heat again starting around the 18th.

If not pregnant, she should be coming into heat about May 21st. If this is the case we will try breeding again when she comes into heat again (roughly 21 days from May 21st). Hopefully, she will not be in heat, meaning she is most likely pregnant!! Pam talked to Dr. Gold and he has recently aquired an ultrsound machine we would use to check her."

Here is what Laura had to say yesterday:

"I started checking Eve for heat on Monday May 18th, and have checked her every day since then. I have not noticed a change in color or size of her vulva. I will continue to check her for the next couple days, just to be sure. I will keep you posted!!"


The odds of pregnancy are improving.  We'll be getting out the ultrasound machine soon.  Stay tuned.

Photo by Barbara Hall Blumer


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