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Kelly's Pepper Jelly
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Kelly's Pepper Jelly

Kelly’s Jelly is a family-owned business in Lake Oswego, OR. After years of friends telling them they had to start selling their jams and jellies, they decided to do just that.

Two years later, these jellies are featured every Thursday at Portland’s famous VooDoo Doughnut (Habanero Pepper Jelly Doughnut, anyone?).

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It all started with a recipe that was handed down from Kelly’s Great Aunt Danny.  Now right off the bat you’re thinking “why is it called Kelly’s and not Aunt Dani’s pepper jelly?”  Well, if Kelly did not so conveniently rhyme with Jelly it would be Aunt Danny’s Pepper Jelly, but it does- so we went with Kelly’s.

Back to the story…On an old crumpled piece of stained paper there was a hand written recipe with few ingredients and a short list of instructions.Sugar, vinegar, pectin, bell peppers & of course, Habaneros.

And the directions… chop the peppers add to the sugar and vinegar.  Then heat until it boils, add the pectin, stir and put in jars.  Sounds easy, eh?  For those of you that have not been introduced to the Habanero pepper, it is spicy.  And when I say spicy, I mean really SPICY.

Enjoy these jelly's with caution...they are TASTY!

Kelly's Habanero Pepper Jelly - 10.5oz
Made with a blend of fresh Habanero and Bell Peppers, our signature jelly has the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

Kelly's Pine-a-Peno Jelly - 10.5oz
A combination of fresh juicy pineapple and medium heat jalapenos. The distinct pineapple flavor bursts in your mouth and is finished by a warm heat that leaves you dreaming of the islands. Fabulous as a glaze on ham or as a marinade for fish.