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Napa Valley Select  Cabernet Vinegar

Napa Valley Select Cabernet Vinegar

Napa Valley Select Cabernet Vinegar is produced in small oak barrels by the centuries-old methode d'orleans from our own Cabernet Sauvignon wine.  Methode d'orleans orginated in France in the Middle Ages and very few still produce vinegar using this months-long, all-natural approach.

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/ 375ml

​Red wine vinegar is fantastic in a tangy vinaigrette, sticky marinade or an aromatic gravy for beef, lamb or game.  

Vibrant in color, our elegant vinegar retains the full flavor and deep bouquet of the original Cabernet Sauvignon wine that only a truly natural process can create.

Good wine vinegar comes with age, just like wine. The methode d'orleans requires up to 12 months of careful movement from one barrel to another as the complex, natural "mother" culture does its work.

The method was named after the French town, Orleans, known as the city of vinegars, and the process dates back to the Middle Ages.  It still exists today only among a few dedicated producers. (Most commercial vinegar - even from wineries - is produced in less than 24 hours using a bacterial culture and a high speed venturi pump or turbine.)