What do you mean by “communal dining experience?”
All of our Chef’s Table guests sit at shared tables to enjoy the food, wine, and atmosphere together. We welcome you to interact with the chef in the kitchen and our chef will explain each course as it arrives at the table. 

How far in advance do you accept reservations?
We accept reservations up to 24-hours in advance.

What does the fee for Chef’s Table include?
The $170 fee is inclusive of our tasting menu, wine pairings, and service. Tax is not included.

Why add a service charge automatically?
The service charge allows us to ensure that our employees are compensated fairly. 

Why am I being charged sales tax on the service charge?
California law requires sales tax to be paid on mandatory service charges.

Why do we charge you in advance?
By paying in advance, you are able to enjoy the entire experience from start to finish without worrying about the transactional piece of your visit. If you wish to make additional purchases during your visit, you may do so separately.

What happens if you cannot make your reservation?
We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within 48-hours of your reservation, we will not be able to refund your transaction. You can, however, transfer your reservation to someone else for the same date and time. If you would like to transfer your reservation, please call Guest Services at 707.963.4555.

Do you accommodate food allergies?
Yes, with 48-hours notice. We accommodate food allergies, as well as religious and ideological choices, provided we know about the restriction 48-hours in advance. We ask our guests to come with an open mind, ready to enjoy things they might not normally order, and ready to be surprised by how unfamiliar ingredients can be wonderful when thoughtfully prepared and presented.

Can you accommodate last-minute food allergies?
We will do our best to accommodate last minute notification of food allergies. However, we will not do so if it compromises the quality of the experience for the other diners at the table.