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Bark No. 72
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Bark No. 72

The 72 on the name represents the percentage of cacao that is used for this Bark. Only 72% cacao.

Every step of this product is done by hand, with pride in using only the finest and freshest local ingredients. The only exception is the Fleur de Sel which is sourced from France. But, that's ok with us!

Made in Napa Valley.

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/ Almond Fleur de Sel

Almond Fleur de Sel - 4oz

After many years of working in some of Napa's finest restaurants and then in her own private catering business, Mariela noticed that at the end of a meal many people returned to their glass of red wine craving something sweet but not necessarily wanting something as rich as a dessert. So, about five years ago she started to play around with different types of dark chocolates that could work to fill this need.

Mariela has always had a passion for dark chocolate so she continued to work on her recipe for many years. Just like with my passion for food, she focused only on the finest bittersweet dark chocolates. She wanted to create something that could compliment even the most powerful of red wines. She tried many different kinds of chocolate with varying percentages of cacao and experimented with many ingredients looking for the right match. She found that roasted almonds smoothed the flavors in the chocolate and that little extra crunch added to its complexity on the palate. One day she decided to add a little pinch of salt to the batch and was thrilled with the result. Salt is her favorite ingredient, in the right balance it complements and enhances the characteristics of any dish. She knew that she had found the perfect balance and her recipe was complete.

After making it for her catering events, before she knew it it was being made by the pound. The chocolate became so popular that people would ask for seconds and then thirds, some would even take it home with them. With so many requests and follow up phone calls from so many people, finally decided to start Bark No. 72 and take it to the next level.

Being married to a winemaker helps with her supply of great wines. Before creating Bark No. 72, she had never found a combination that really complemented both the wine and the chocolate. The flavor in Bark No. 72 plays on the wine's strengths and builds a totally new chocolaty experience. Bark No. 72 compliments the fruity characteristics of red wines, coating the palate with the cacao butter and oils from the roasted almonds, enhancing the elegance and softening the mouth feel of the wine. The salt is her favorite part; it ties everything together and helps to lift all the best characteristics and flavors to a whole other level.

We invite you to try Bark No. 72 with your favorite red wines. But it's also pretty good next to a tall glass of milk, according to the kids.