• Tomales Station early morning
  • Tomales Station cattle
  • Tomales Station barn

Once home to an estuary that fed into Tomales Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Tomales Station is now 500 acres of rolling hills full of grass and clover providing the perfect home for our Highland cattle.

  • Founded in the mid 1800s, Tomales offered settlers close proximity to San Francisco through an estuary leading to Tomales Bay. Tomales Station includes the area that is now the silted estuary, making it a very desirable property at the time. Also home to a creamery, hogs, and chickens, Tomales Station was a profitable, self-sustaining farm for decades. In 1879, the Northwest Pacific Railroad was built and rumbled across the west side of Tomales Station. You can still find old railroad ties, nails, and a train tunnel on our property.

    With bulls weighing up to 1,800 pounds and cows up to 1,100 pounds, Scottish Highland cattle are a hardy breed due to their native environment, the Highlands of Scotland. Long horned, shaggy, and double-coated, Highlands are primarily raised for meat, which is regarded as the highest of quality and low in cholesterol.

    Through extensive conservation efforts and land trust easements, we are improving water quality, controlling erosion, and restoring riparian vegetation throughout Tomales Station. As the last ranch before Tomales Bay and the home of our treasured fold, preserving the ecological viability of the land is of utmost importance for Long Meadow Ranch. For more information on our conservation efforts, please click here.

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